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Post by Admin on Tue May 15, 2018 5:03 pm

Wargames - defeat other players’ troops to get tournament points1 place - the War Hero title (50% conquest points)2-100 place Blademaster title (+10% conquest points)
[ROE] Queen • Officer academy - earn experience points with your hero and captains to get tournament points1 place - the Legendary commander title (+25% all army strength)2-100 place - the Headhunter title (+10% all army strength)
[ROE] Queen • Call of duty - train your troops in fort to get tournament points1 place - Magister militum (+25% troop training speed)2-100 place - Field Marshal (+10% troop training speed)
[ROE] Queen • Hammer and anvil - create equipment in forge to get tournament points1 place - Hand of God (+25% crypt exploration efficiency)2-100 place - Ironman (+10% crypt exploration efficiency)


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