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Post by Admin on Tue May 15, 2018 9:52 pm

Guide to Attack Monsters : you have three captains, each captain has a bonus on some troop in particular, 1) julia, archer, gives more strength to the archers, therefore always has to attack with all archers, 2) Logos, bonus to the infantry and catapults, must go with lancers or swordsmen, 3) Tengel, the knight, bonus to the riders, must go with all riders (the armor must have spells for each do not mix). THE MONSTERS = from left to right are the strongest to weakest, look at the bonus, each monster has more strength to kill a certain type of opponent, then you do not have to send those, therefore not any captain can kill to any monster (example if the monster says that it has more power to kill archers and the second says that to infantry, we must send to tengel with all riders).


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