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Post by Zeforath on Tue May 15, 2018 2:58 am

[ROE] Queen ATTACKING MONSTERS - Your goal is to hit the highest level of monster group possible with minimal troop losses. To find out which troop to use against which monster group, click on the monster group on the map, click on Attack, then click on the monsters on the right hand side of the screen. At the top you will see what category of monster it is - Melee, Ranged, Flying or Mounted. Lower down you will see special attributes this monster has against certain types of attack. For instance it may say +45% against mounted. In this case you would not use Riders to attack this foe. In general you will use Archers to attack Melee monsters, Riders to attack Ranged monsters, and Spearmen to attack Mounted monsters. In the beginning levels you will mostly use Archers so make sure you have a hefty supply of them. It will take gold to revive them which is usually in very short supply. You will find that it is usually cheaper to kill them off and create new ones. One can do the math as to how many to use, but I usually just send an over abundance of the correct type. All squads and most of your troops have initiative 10. [catapults have 15,but ineffective on squads] so you only have a chance of no losses 50% of the time even with abundant troops.


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