Moving to Clan Territory

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Moving to Clan Territory

Post by Zeforath on Tue May 15, 2018 2:52 am

[ROE] Queen Your next goal is to move your city into the Clan Area. It will cost 27,000 in gold to move your city. If you did not buy one of the Starter Packs then you will have to wait until you accumulate enough gold from chests and other events to buy a City Teleporter. You can choose any available square within the clan territory. however you may wish to ask for advice from other clan members as to which square you should choose. Each square will give you different advantages and attributes; these can be seen by clicking on the square. It's best to be located near the center of the territory and next to some of the bigger players so they can help with your defense in case of an attack. Once you have chosen a location, click on the Teleport button and your city will be moved. Welcome to your new home!


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