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Post by Zeforath on Tue May 15, 2018 3:08 am

[ROE] Queen CONQUEST POINTS (CP) - These are very similar to Valor Points, but are accumulated by killing other players troops. This can be done on either offense or defense. You will get more CP by attacking other players [unless you are in your clan area and CP in Def active], but always adhear to the Rules of Engagement (RoE). CP can be used for various things like Specialist Enhancements, Army Modernization, and Monster Upgrades. Click on the Academy button (Book) at the bottom of the screen to use your Conquest Points. CP can be used on any of the upgrades which have a gold token on the right side of the screen. Initially I would recomment concentrating on Army Modernization under the Boost tab. The first three - Army Strength, Army Health, and City Wall Strength - should all be maxed out first. After that you can decide which route to take depending on your own style of play.


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