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Post by Zeforath on Tue May 15, 2018 3:09 am

[ROE] Queen VALOR POINTS (VP) - These are used for various enhancements such as troop improvement, march speeds, crypt exploration effectiveness, etc. But your primary goal should be to get level 2 Archers. You get VP by killing monsters.... thousands of them. The higher the level of monster, the more VP you get when you win the fight. It will take 450,000 VPs to research level 2 Archers. Click on the Academy button (Book) at the bottom of the screen to use your Valor Points. VP can be used on any of the upgrades which have the blue token on the right side of the screen, however I recommend only doing what is necessary to get to level 2 troops at this time. All of the other enhancements can be easily added later. Once you get to level 2 troops you can defeat much higher level monsters and accumulate VP at a faster rate. Click on Guardsman to see what is required to get to level 2 troops. Be sure to check out the Buffs tab on the upper right as well(+) [blue with yellow cross].


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